Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pitti Mini Interview: Paul Memoir

I was walking through a particularly crowded section of Pitti when I saw the Paul Mémoir collection; it was colorful, had bold graphics, and fun imagery. Paul and Claudia kindly introduced me to their playful brand. 

What do you love about fashion?
Paul: I like to create things. I get inspired by fabrics. For example, there is one sweater we make that has an inspiring fabric; it’s cotton and merino wool. The weave is very complicated because the cotton is on the inside, and the merino wool on the outside. It takes 2 hours to knit one sweater. When I touch the fabric, and see the weave of the pattern I can visualize what the product will look like.

 Together with his friends, Claudia Balzani and Luca Ferrar, Paolo (aka Paul) Fantuzzi (above), founded Paul Mémoir in 2014.

What inspired you to launch your brand? 
Claudia: Everyone in our hometown, Reggio Emilia, Italy, admired Paul’s style and was asking him when he was going to launch a clothing brand. Paul, Luca, and I were good friends and decided to work together to make this happen. In 2014 we began working on the brand in the evening after we finished our day jobs to turn this dream into reality.
Bold graphic patterned sweater vest.

What is missing in fashion? 
Paul: Too many brands make products that are similar to each other. We need something more catchy. 
Playful animal images on the AW17 sweaters.

How do you define success? 
Paul & Claudia: Everyone wearing Paul Mémoir!
Bold graphic sweaters, in warm and cool colorways, from the AW17 collection.

Thank you to Paul and Claudia for your time! To see more from the Paul Mémoir collection visit their their instagram, but they also have an updated website which will launch soon.

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